A mother of a mission. 


For the love of mamas. From Mother Nature. By nature lovers.

We believe in offering you a centring experience, a connective daily ritual, an expression of self-love.

We view skincare in its truest sense; caring for your skin, caring for yourself.

We believe in enhancing your life, not telling you what you 'need'.

We provide you a safe haven, a trusted source, a place to feel exceptional and guilt-free.

We are building a community of skin lovers who embrace, support and inspire each other. This is 10 & Co.


We live in a pressured society where we can sometimes feel as though self-care makes us selfish. Our desire is to offer you a sensory experience and a skin practice that calms and nourishes and helps you to connect more with your body.

We believe ‘skin health’ begins before you’re born, is a lifelong practice and is the ultimate factor in how you feel, how you connect with your body, how you connect with your lover, your children. We are on the journey with you.

We believe in Mother Nature. ‘Mother’ and ‘Nature’ were always supposed to be together. Our mission is to keep them together, by bringing all things natural to all mamas.


Meet our founders: Tamara & Elle


Being raised beachside as childhood friends in an Australian surf town had a profound impact us. We have a deep understanding of the physiological benefits of the natural environment and consider Mother Nature the original mama. Grounded in this, we designed for mamas on the principles of skin, science and design.

A mamas skin is more sensitive, more prone to change and often requires more attention… but a mama usually has less time. So we created products to cater specifically to a mamas skin needs and lifestyle; natural products that work with a mantra of maximum results, less steps.