The Trimester Trio Kit

The Trimester Trio Kit


A trio tor for all trimesters, meet your pregnancy partners.

As your skin is transforming during pregnancy and post-partum, our Motherlover oil is designed for daily use to care for your skin and connect with your body.

Our Calm it, Baby soothing oil can help ease morning sickness nausea and soothe your senses.

Our Soothe Operator balm is perfect to keep on hand to help nipples stay soothed and nourished and to massage into breasts to relieve mastitis pain.

Fragrance free, 100% natural, vegan and can be left on during feeding.

1 X Motherlover Rejuvenating Body Oil, 100ml, e3.4 fl. oz

1 X Calm It Baby Soothing Oil - 100ml / e3.4 fl.oz

1 X Soothe Operator Triple Balm, 50ml e1.7 fl. oz

Bundled into a natural canvas bag.

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