Face & Baby Super Soft Brush

Face & Baby Super Soft Brush


A face as soft as a baby's bottom. Or a baby's bottom. Either way, they need a super gentle touch.

Our Face and Baby Supersoft Brush is perfect for cleaning delicate skin, gently scrubbing away impurities and promoting good circulation.

Carved from natural wood with a curved ergonomic shape, the brush has soft bristles made from the finest quality goat hair and is soft enough to use when bathing your bub. For grown-up faces, it’s great for cleansing and invigorating your skin.

Tip: For an extra level or exfoliation, we recommend gently brushing your face before using The 4am Set Recovery Mask

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Suitable for the face and for soft baby skin.


  • Materials: Beechwood
  • Care: After use, allow brush to dry before storing away. 
  • Length: 15cm.