Meet Our Founders : Tamara Hansen & Elle Begely

Our inspiration

The oceanic environment has always been our source of inspiration growing up in a laidback surf town in the southern tip of Victoria, Australia where the rainforest meets the beachfront and the beach slides effortlessly into the ocean. Where the air is crisp and the natural elements are both clean and dramatically beautiful in their simplicity. Our families are nature-focused and this carried over to us. It inspired us to look beyond what was readily available on the shelves to develop a range of plant-based, oil-centric products that are both uncomplicated and active, combining the best Mother Nature has to offer. 

Our process

As a duo, we complement each other creatively with a unified vision. Our approach to beauty begins where science meets nature. We believe that just because you gave birth, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style or humour. So we created products where form meets function; pure, potent plant-based products in non-breakable, travel considered packaging with playful names to make you smile and minimal, evocative design to enhance your space.

Our foundation

Our relationship with our skin began at a young age, whilst watching our working mamas get ready in the morning. They were both home alchemists, always concocting naturally derived remedies. Our personal journeys to clean beauty and healthy living lay the foundation for what we do. We believe that caring for your health cannot begin too early and that this lays the foundation for a lifelong skincare practice. That’s why we created a range designed for you, mamas. First you create life, and then you foster routines and rituals that form the basis of how we live as adults. Begin early. Begin well. That’s where we begin.