Nurturing your skin from the inside to keep you 'Happy & Whole'


‘No and low’ cocktail recipes for future and new mamas.

With Zara Madrusan, co-author of A Spot At The Bar, co-owner of Melbourne bars, The Everleigh and Heartbreaker and new mama to 10 month old, Molly.

As we approach another change in season, we're looking to food to help us balance our skin to maintain that glow we're all looking for. Whether you're coming out of winter or summer, skin can face the same challenges; inflammation, dryness and general sluggishness as it adjusts to the environmental changes. 

Boosting immunity and nourishing your body is key and that's why we wanted to share some recipes from Magdalena's new book 'Happy & Whole', which is permanently open in our kitchens at the moment! With a delicious Chicken Broth to heal and aid digestion and nutrient-rich Bone Marrow to nourish, these tasty delights are sure to help you transition through seasonal change glowing and with ease!


Healing chicken broth

Consuming broth daily can aid digestion & help skin glow


Roasted Bone Marrow

A nutrient-rich winter warmer for immunity and to nourish you, body & soul


Happy & Whole

Thanks to Magdalena Roze for providing us with these beautiful excerpts from her book to nurture ourselves from the inside out!

Photographer credit: Rob Palmer

Publisher credit: Recipes and images have been supplied from Happy & Whole by Magdalena Roze, published by Plum, RRP$39.99, available in all good bookstores now.